FællesGro - Østerbro

The harvest season in FællesGro has started, and you can already sign up to be a member of this neighborhood distribution area. As a member you will be provided with fresh organic vegetables, berries and fruits directly from Stensbølgård. You can also get flowers from VildeVioler. The pick-up happens every Tuesday during harvest season at Hahnemanns Køkken.

Produce bags are 150 kr. pr. Week and when you sign up you sign up for 14 weeks. That means for the second half of the season you pay 2.100 kr. The second half of the season runs from the 10th of september until the 10th of december. If you think one bag a week is too much for you, you can look at options for partnership members, where you can organize different ways of sharing. Click here to find a partner to share with.

Signing up is easy, it is just three steps:

1.    Fill out the form below and click “Sign up”. You sign up for the produce bags. Then you can choose flowers from VildeVioler as an add on each week or each other week for 180 kr each time. 

2.    As soon as we have handled your application we send you a receipt.

3.    When we have registered your payment, you will receive a confirmation of membership email. 

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As a member you can also get Flowers from VildeVioler as something ekstra - each week or every second week

Pick-up place

Hahnemanns Køkken
Skt. Kjelds Plads 14, 2100 København Ø


Every Tuesday in the harvest season
From 4-7 pm.