What is FællesGro?

FællesGro is a community supported agriculture, it connects organic farms directly with the people who buy and eat it. You receive fresh organic produce delivered directly from the farms to your neighborhood, whilst being closely connected to the individual farms. 

The way this works is that you pay for your part of the harvest ahead of time, the farmers produce your greens, and FællesGro ensures that its all waiting for you every week at your local pickup site.

This model of production has the added benefits of increasing organic farm influence and in Denmark. This is due to the fact that CSA's such as this one, provides small scale organic farmers, who are too small for supermarkets, with customers that they can supply. 

This year we are expanding FællesGro to provide three city sections with organic fruit and vegetables from three different farms. 

We started last year with Vesterbro, which is supplied by Nørbys Grøntsager on Stevns, this year we will provide for Nørrebro from Stensgården  in Birkerød and Østerbro from Stenbølgård in Kyndeløse. On top of the tasty produce you can also purchase organic flowers from Vildevioler in Birkerød.

Harvest season is from June to December, weeks 23 – 50, and separated into 2 halves, which you pay for in advance. (if you become a member in the middle of a half season of course you only pay for the weeks that are left of the period.

1.    Half of harvest season: June – September (weeks 28 – 36)

2.    Half of harvest season: September – December (weeks 37 – 50)

Picking up of weekly produce bags:

Nørrebro: Kølsters Tolv Haner, Rantzausgade 56, every Monday from 4-8 pm.

Østerbro: Hahnemanns Køkken, Sankt Kjelds Plads 14, every Tuesday from 4-8 pm.

Vesterbro: H15, Halmtorvet 15, every Thursday from 4 to 8 pm.

The pickup places are also the locations of the shared dinner events, that we organize throughout the season to help strengthen the local culture. On top of that, as a member, you will have plenty of opportunities to meet the farmers and gardeners from Nørbys Grøntsager, Stengården, Stensbølgård and Vildevioler throughout the season.


Community Supported Agriculture

The concept behind FællesGro arose from community supported agriculture (CSA) which is very big in the USA and some neighboring european countries. In Denmark its called “fællesskabs støttet landbrug”, but it is not very well known. That is something we aim to change!

At its core, CSA works by members buying their portion of the harvest ahead of time. They then collect, weekly, their fresh produce. By paying ahead of time, farmers have greater security and freedom in planting a more diverse crop selection and it even permits experimentation with new crops. As a member you get to influence what kinds of crops the farmers plant, furthermore you gain access to crops that are not normally found in supermarkets. Finally, due to this direct connection you get a closer relationship to the place that produces your food. 

Normally CSA allows produce to be shared in its local area, but with FællesGro as the urban distribution platform, even city dwellers can support small scale organic farms. 

FællesGro is a concrete and transparent distribution model, which appeals to urban citizens, whom desire a more local sourcing of organic produce and a closer connection to the people and farms that source it. From this members get a greater insight into the processes that surround the methods of getting fresh, locally sourced organic food on our plates, that is produced with nature in mind.

Everyone has an important role in the fellowship.

Members: Form the foundation of the fellowship by paying in advance for their portion of the harvest, so that farmers can better plan and cover their expenses. On top of that you as a member can provide priceless feedback at the weekly collections, furthermore, members can contribute even more to the other aspects of the community if they wish.

Farmers: support by providing fresh organic produce through their vast knowledge, hard work and respect for nature – and they host a yearly farm visit for everyone else.

FællesGro: is the glue that connects the producers with the members and ensures the harvest is brought to town every week. FællesGro also facilitates communication between the two parties so that all participants get the most out of the fellowship. Furthermore, FællesGro organizes and distributions newsletters, produce descriptions and recipe suggestions. Finally, FællesGro strengthens the member community and the local community through coordinating events in the form of inspiring and engaging lectures, workshops, shared dinners and farm visits throughout the season. 

So share the good message:
The best representation of FællesGro are our happy members. Does your neighbor also not desverve to be a part? Then download our information poster and hang it up in your building, at work or at the kindergarden. You can download the poster here.